and atmosphere

“La Mesteceni” Country Club is a five daisies classified location. We provide a tranquillity oasis at the foothills in the heart of Transylvania in a rustic ambiance with highlights of british architecture


Riding lessons
for adults and children

Riding lessons can be set up one-on-one or for groups, either for children or adults.
Our riding school’s philosophy is simple: riding is more than an agreeable pastime, it helps one remain fit both physically and mentally and it can easily become a way of life…


“Carpathian Adventure”
Horse riding weekend

Starting in open terrain, riders will pass through vast areas of virgin forest, still untouched by human hand, a truly magical land filled with Nature’s beauty. You are invited to a true trail riding adventure, over mountains and valleys where peace has its origin in the clean mountain air alongside the locals and their children in hamlets and villages forgotten by the fog of history.

ANTREC filiala Alba Iulia

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